BrainLink Tune
A brainwave sensing Bluetooth earphone that helps you understand your brain. Tune your brain for peak performance.
BrainLink Lite
A simpler and more comfortable way to wear.
Bring you a calm and healthy lifestyle.
BrainLink Pro
The world's smallest brainwave sensing device.
Highly integrated for training and exploring the brain.
BrainLink Lite Color
Customized design for BrainLink Lite. Colors added to
make a more fashionable wear.
Capture the splendid moments of your life with
brainwave control.
Macrotellect brings a variety of accessories to make EEG technology more into our daily life
Sports Cap
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Yoga Headband
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Bluetooth Dongle
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Mind-control series with BrainLink to get a great experience of mind control
Space Warrior
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Mind-control Spider
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Book Lamp
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