BrainLink Lite Color A special customized design for BrainLink Lite.
Color elements on the haedband are added to
make a more stylish wear.
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Medical EEG chipset
Bluetooth 3.0
Raw EEG data detection
eSense algorithms
Free SDK
Rechargeable, remov-
able CPU module

Bio-sensing Technology

Powerful & Highly Integrated
The world's smallest brainwave sensing device

Advanced Wireless Connection

Connecting to your smart devices via Bluetooth
Safe and harmless with more convenience

SDK: Perhaps you have many ideas on
BrainLink and hope to achieve.

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Check Data Anytime Anywhere Provide you with the real-time brainwave data
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USB charging cable *1
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Product Specifications
Features Product Attributes: Brainwave sensing
Compatibility: iOS/Android
Technical Specifications Product Name/Product Brand:
BrainLink Lite Color
Product Model: BL002 V2.0
Color: Sapphire blue/Sliver Marks
Size(cm): L16 W16 H3
Net Weight(g): 39
Material: PU/ Alloy metal/PMMA etc.
Signal Transfer Method: Bluetooth
Transmission Range(m): <10m
Baud Rate: 57600
Bluetooth Compatibility:
Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth3.0,
Bluetooth 4.0 mobile device
Power Battery: Rechargeable Lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 180mAH
Charging Time: 45min
180 min, depends on actual use
Power IC management support: YES
Standby Power Consumption: 0.5mW
Safety Certification Bluetooth SIG
UN38.3 Lithium Battery
Apple Made for iOS(MFi)
Data Collection TGAM chipset
RAW+eSense data
Baud rate: 57600
Socket: UART RS232
Dry electrodes x 3
3 Forehead Eletrodes:
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