Mind-control Spider Mind-control Spider is simple robot that can be
controlled by brainwaves signals received from
users who wear BrainLink.
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Maximize the mental effort in fun Increase study efficiency by improving concentration level
Combine focus training with play Help kids to develop an efficient focus pattern
Detect mental efforts during DIY Not only kids can get DIY interests from assembling
spider toys, but also their parents are able to record
attention changes of kids during the process.
App for use Basics Detection
Training Principle
Product Specifications

Name: Mind-control Spider
Material: PC、Metal
Weight: 295g
Size: 16*7*10.5cm
Battery: 180mAH (2.5h)
Components: 60pcs
Motor Box: 1 Bag, 1 Mainboard, 1 Battery

Note: This product is sold separately from BrainLink.

How to assemble it