Brainwave lamp BrainLink mind control series
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Meditation assistant
Visualization of brain state
Simplicity & Eco-friendly
A unique lamp Brainwaves control different colors of the lamp
Light mode (no BrainLink required)Turn on the lamp directly
Brainwaves mode Turn on the lamp first Turn on BrainLink The two are automatically
connected via Bluetooth
Brainwaves mode When successfully connected, the book lamp
lights up with colorful flashing lights;
Once BrainLink is worn correctly, the book lamp
turns to Brainwaves mode.
Advanced Wireless Connection The Book Lamp reflects the mental states of the BrainLink user.
Each side of the light represent different values.
Relaxation on the left, and concentration on the right.
Product Specifications

Name: Mind-control Lamp
Material: PC、Metal
Weight: 535 g
Voltage: 3.7 V
Brightness: 500 lumens
Light temperature: 3000 k
Product power: 5 W
Written magnet: N52 strong magnet
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Working hours: 5-6 hour

Note: This product is sold separately
from BrainLink.