Sport Cap Sport Cap is an accessory of BrainLink
which is designed for outdoor activities.
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Outdoor Features Made by a quick-dry and breathable fabric
Easily match your head size by an adjustable design
Joyful Body & Mind A perfect combination of technology and lifestyle
Design to our daily mindfulness practice

Advanced Wireless Connection

Connecting to your smart devices via Bluetooth
Safe and harmless with more convenience

Specially designed for outdoor activities

Protect you from sunburn in outdoor activities
Assist you to gain a better mental performance in the nature

High-quality materials

Made by mesh cotton cloths which can absorb
sweats and provide a cool wearing experience.
Breathable, comfortable and durable.

Made for BrainLink

BrainLink module can be easily
inserted to the cap.


Design for different head sizes and offer a comfortable wearing experience.

Product Specifications

Size: 7cm cap length, Cap size is adjustable
Net weight: 47g
Fabric: 90% cotton fibers 10% spandex
Washable after sensor strap is removed

Note: Accessories are sold separately
with BrainLink products.