Yoga Headband Yoga headband is an accessory of BrainLink, which
designed for daily yoga, meditation and urban sports use.
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Sports Features The flexible sweat-wicking fabric can be tailored
to different head size, providing the best fitting
and most comfortable wearing experience.
Joyful Body & Mind A perfect combination of lifestyle and technology
Friendly apply to our daily life

Advanced Wireless Connection

Connecting to your smart devices via Bluetooth
Safe and harmless with more convenience

Stylish & Lightweight

Special design for Yoga, Meditation and Urban Sports
Match with core modules of BrainLink Lite or BrainLink Pro

Select your color


High-quality materials

Soft and skin-friendly cloth
Elastic & Adjustable

& Breathable

Contains silicone slip particles

Product Specifications

Size: L48cm X W5cm
Net weight: 19g
Head circumference: 48-62cm
Fabric: 90% cotton fibers 10% spandex
Washable after sensor strap is removed

Note: Accessories are sold separately
with BrainLink products.