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Stay Calm & Mindful with BrainLink Step-by-step neuro-feedback Apps de-stressing your mind
Brainwave Data Reports help you to understand your brain during meditation
Keep track of the daily mindfulness,and form a healthy habit for the brain
- Introducing ZEN GARDEN-
Harness the Magical "Force" in your Mind Games interact with telekinetic super-powers
Neuro-gaming improves focus and impulse control
Analysis feedback on the performance of brain enhancement
Focus with BrainLink
Instant Focus
is the ability to quickly enter a highly focused mental state. It also relates to the brain’s flexibility and neuro-plasticity, which help improve memory and prevent mental decline. App that trains this ability:
Consistent Focus
A brain with the ability to maintain consistent focus can disregard surrounding distractions easily. It is a skill that reflects the brain’s persistence, which is essential to improving the working efficiency of the muscles. App that trains this ability:
Deep Meditation
During deep meditation, the body’s cortisol levels are lowered, which in turn improves overall well-being. Making time to relax through deep meditation results in being able to reach to achieve your peak mental fitness which means a more relaxed and happier you. App that trains this ability:
Stress Management
Stress management ability means the mind is capable of adjusting its response to stressful situations. Taking control and choosing stay calm is an ability that improves the mind’s willpower and determination. App that trains this ability:
Impulse Control
Impulse control is essential for those who are hyper-active. It helps curate emotional reactions and optimizes general mental performance, reducing the likelihood of rash behavior in social and work-related situations. App that trains this ability:
The mind is a powerful tool and has the ability to stay calm in the most difficult situations, eliminating all external distractions. Staying calm also helps the mind focus, realize useful information, and gain insights. App that trains this ability:
Mental Strength
Mental strength indicates the levels of control and concentration the brain can achieve. High mental strength often pushes the brain to performance at its peak performance and achieve more than you have ever imagine. App that trains this ability:
Brain Spectrum 20 Apps enhancing 7 abilities of your brain
Brain Enhancement Entertainment Anytime Anywhere
BrainLink connects to your smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth wireless
technology. It is absolutely safe and harmless to human body and certified by
authorities such as FCC,CE, and SRRC.
Bio - Sensing Technology with Precision & Accuracy
Unlike other bulky brainwave sensing devices in lab,BrainLink only requires 3 electrodes
to link up safely between your brain and cell phone,it only detects the mental states such
as focus or relax, and will not expose any detail thoughts,100% private and secure.
Powerful Features Highly Integrated
Excellency in Quality to Bring You the Best Brain Exercise Experience
UL certified lithium battery,every component passed ROHS certification
Ergonomical design brings you the best wearing experience
Apple MFi licensed accessory,excellent quality as an iPhone
Embedded in BrainLink,a light so brilliantly smart
that helps you understand the mind at just a glance
Accessorize BrainLink to Fit Your Styles
Detachable design comes with different headwear accessories
Match your styles at the party,gym room ,or out in the field
BrainLink Lite Leather Headband A lighter and softer touch
Providing a more comfortable wearing experience
BrainLink Yoga Headband Your smartest personal yoga companion
keep track of your every single moment of Zen
BrainLink Sport Hat Master your game with BrainLink
with accurate and real-time feedback on mental performance
Here it is... Highly integrated with simplicity
The world's smallest brainwave sensing device
We've prepared 2 choices of BrainLink for you
For training and exploring the brain (researchers,parents and educators) For calm & healthy lifestyle (yoga,meditation,and stress relief)
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