TOS These terms and conditions of use (“TERMS OF USE”) comprise a legal agreement between Shenzhen Macrotellect, Ltd and you, the person accessing and using this website (“you”). 1.Service Idea Shenzhen Macrotellect, Ltd., (here after referred to as “Macrotellect”) undertakes the after-sale services for BrainLink products and is committed to providing consumers with the “most humane, fastest and most convenient” high-quality services. Macrotellect will adhere to the service idea that “the need of a customer is our greatest motivation and the complaint of a customer is the best suggestion for us”, and strive to achieve unity of products and services. 2.Service Protocol Specification In order to help shoppers, create a fair shopping environment, Macrotellect will reserve the right of canceling the relevant order, or service, and pursuing recovery in any of the following circumstances: • The consignee information is unknown (including: the phone number of the consignee is wrong or absent; his address is insufficient; the phone number of  the consignee is not in service and he cannot be contacted for three consecutive days). • The commodity information is clearly wrong or the commodity needed exceeds the inventories of Macrotellect. • Force majeure; Macrotellect system failure or suffering from a third-party attack, or other circumstances that cannot be controlled by Macrotellect. 3.Privacy Statement We promise to protect the privacy of the visitors to this website with this privacy statement: this privacy statement is being continually improved. As the service scope of this website is expanding, we will update our privacy statement in a timely manner. We welcome you, at any time, to view this statement. While agreeing to the service protocol of the website of Macrotellect (the “Protocol”), you have agreed that we can use and disclose your personal information, according to this privacy statement. All the provisions of this privacy statement are part of the protocol. • Username and Password If you intend to register as a user, we recommend that you register a username and password, which will be convenient for you to subsequently view and track the status of your order. If you do not register a username and password, please keep your submitted order information, so that you can check the status of your order by phone number or name and other contact ways; if you disclose your password, you may lose your personally identifiable information, which may lead to judicial action against you. In this case, you should immediately notify the Company and WeChat customer service center, and contact us. • E-mail/SMS The official website of Macrotellect will reserve the right of notification services including the registration of this website, sending order information to shoppers and promotional activities through the form of E-mail, SMS and mailing journals of the association. If you have registered, and done shopping on the website of Macrotellect, which indicates that you have implied agreement to accept such services. If you do not want to receive an E-mail, SMS and the journals of the association from Macrotellect, you may make a request with Macrotellect for canceling the subscription of this information and indicate your E-mail address, cell phone number or relevant address information. Macrotellect, Ltd., will cancel the subscription for you after receiving your request. • The Third Party We will not provide, sell, lease, share or trade the users' personal information to any third party, unless the third party works with Macrotellect to provide services for the website and users, but, after the completion of such services, the third party will be prohibited access to all such information which it could previously access. When we have provided your information, in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement and the government, we will kindly disclose your data. • Storage and Exchange of Information User information and data are collected and stored on a server in China. Only when it is necessary to make a backup, we may send your information to servers in other countries. • Security Our website has corresponding security measures to ensure that the information we have will not be lost, abused or altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers, and encrypting user passwords. Although we have these security measures, but please note that there are no “perfect security measures” on the Internet. • Editing your information You can modify or update your personal information and password on the website of Macrotellect at any time (after a successful login). • Contact Us Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions on the privacy protection measures, for this privacy statement, or the website of Macrotellect, and if you have any problems using the website.