Software customization & development process

Macrotellect has a complete solution for brain-computer interface hardware and software design,
according to customer needs to provide software development, hardware OEM and hardware ODM services.

Content: Mobile application for Android/iOS and Wechat mini programme.PC software development is not supported
About intellectual property: Macrotellect can provide the intellectual property license of its official applications for third-party integration, including character image,
interaction design, gameplay and evaluation reports, audio and video materials. Authorization will be charged on a case-by-case basis. Custom applications not licensed
by Macrotellect will be delivered with full source code and development materials, and clients will need to apply for the intellectual property

Hardware OEM process

Hardware OEM refers to the product with customer brand characteristics, which takes the existing products of Macrotellect as the prototype
and changes the color, material, LOGO pattern and package description of the product appearance according to customer requirements.
About intellectual property: OEM products are not supported for intellectual property.

Hardware ODM process

Hardware ODM refers to the design and production of Brain-computer interface hardware products with new specifications and performance according to customer requirements.
In addition to hardware development, hardware ODM also includes the development of corresponding basic software tools, such as data transfer protocol, firmware, SDK or API, etc.
At present, we provide off-the-shelf schemes of single channel and dual channel as well as the development of solution within 8-channel.