Mind the Ant
A classic brain training game, using your concentration and meditation level to control the Ant to move, run and float in the game. Also, paired with parents’ management interface. * Only available for BrainLink Lite
Mind Sports
You can participate in all the sports games in Mind Sports to train up the 7 major abilities of your brain which might have significant positive affect to your life.
Mind Tower Defence
The world’s first ‘Tower Defense’ game using brainwave control. Players need to harness the energy generated by the brain and charge up the tower, and build it against waves of enemies.
Mind Fruit Bomb
Mind Fruit is a game that use player’s concentration to blast fruits. Not only a simple game, but also a training that enable player to enhance the concentration ability.
Flappy Brain
Funny game model, try using your concentration in the games to get out of the capture by zombies. * Only available for BrainLink Lite
Mind Combat
Use your mind to save the earth! Stay calm and focus, open up the shield to protect the earth from meteorite in space. * Only available for BrainLink Lite