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Financial Assistant

1、Preside over the overall work of the technical department, organize and supervise the technical staff to complete their tasks within the scope of duty.
2、Responsible for organizing and formulating the management system, technical standards, technical manuals, and supervising their implementation.
3、Responsible for introducing new technology, conducting the required analysis, designing the technical framework, customizing the product development programs, and monitoring the progress of development;
4、Responsible for guiding, handling, coordinating and solving technical problems during the development process in real time; provide technical maintenance and solutions;
5、To archive technology and patent documentation;
6、To carry out technical team building and personnel training;
7、To deepen close cooperation between departments and strengthen coordination.
1、Junior college degree or above, major in finance, accounting or related, with Certificate of Accounting;
2、Familiar with accounting laws and regulations, knows the relevant fiscal taxation policies, familiar with tax declaration, annual inspection, and audit, etc.
3、Over one year’s independent working experience; working experience in general taxpayer company is preferred;
4、Earnest and meticulous, devoted and dedicated, hard-working, and with good occupational integrity;
5、Quick-witted, strong receptivity, of independent mind, and good at summarizing their working experience;
6、Have good communication skills and team work consciousness; have a strong sense of responsibility and service;

Unity 3D programmer

1、Use Unity 3D engine to develop client-side for mobile games on iOS and Android operating systems.
2、Have a strong sense of upward mobility and responsibility, diligent and studious, active to work, able to integrate into a team, team spirit and have the ability to solve problems independently.
3、Proficient in the use of Unity 3D engine and C# scripting language, familiar with platform development of Android/iOS, strong learning and analytic capabilities.
4、Proficient in the architectural design of Unity 3D engine, skilled at the use of Unity’s related plug-ins, familiar with the UI framework and 3D performance optimization.
5、Good coding habits, rigorous coding style, and experience in complete Unity 3D project development is preferred;

E-commerce professional

1、Responsible for planning the online store’s daily revision, launch, promotion, sales, after-sales service and other operations and management.
2、Responsible for the online shop’s daily maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the store; familiar with SEO optimization, improve product visibility, optimize rankings of the store and commodities.
3、Responsible for the implementation and coordination of the company's marketing activities, and planning sales promotion programs for the store.
4、Responsible for collecting information from the market and the industry, and provide effective solutions.
1、Junior college degree or above, more than 2-year experience in e-commerce operations such as Jingdong, Taobao, Amazon, Joyo, Dangdang etc. is preferred, 3C digital business experience is preferred.
2、Familiar with sales and operations of large-scale e-commerce websites, and have a clear understanding of the basis and current situation of e-commerce sales in China.
3、Have high skills at verbal and written communication, and business negotiation; experience in intelligent hardware is preferred; distribution resources will be more valued.
4、High ability for market development; good consciousness of customer service, good at summing up and putting forward constructive suggestions.
5、Outgoing, optimistic, hard-working, used to traveling on business with overtime, willing to follow up the entrepreneurial team and make progress together.