First generation of BrainLink mind-directing headband, has been officially launched by Macrotellect, Ltd., and has been officially approved as a national high and new tech enterprise and software enterprise. Its products have been certified as software. It is certified as Apple Inc.’s supplier of MFI parts.
Some of their products have been selected by the world's leading commercial consulting companies. It is a key case in IDATE's 2011 Serious Game Industry Report.
Macrotellect, Ltd., has sole, independent intellectual property rights over BrainLink hardware and software.
Macrotellect, Ltd., is awarded China's Top 100 Creative Business Figures and China's Top 50 Innovative Companies by Fast Company, an authoritative American journal.
The founder studied in the United States and returned for entrepreneurs, with rich experience education and industry research, mainly in Canada and Hong Kong. The company is committed to integration of global brain health resources and brain health enhancement.
BrainLink mind-directing, headband and BrainLink Lite,
mind-directing headband, intelligent hardware products,
have been developed under cooperation with an American manufacturer of Brain-Computer Interface. At the same time,
the supporting mobile application series, including mind-directing, brain training software, have been also launched,
with over 20 products covering education, health and entertainment. They sell well in North America,
Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and China Mainland.
The unique cartoon graphics make the products look dynamic and vivid and refresh the users’eyes.
The cartoon style demonstrates the company’s core business in children's education and animation culture,
and its people-oriented business philosophy to grow and create value relaxingly.